Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I use more than one scope with my rifle?
Yes, due to the extremely tight tolerances and modular design of ScoutScope Mounts you can sight in more than one sight and switch between them without losing zero.
Q: Can I clean my entire rifle without having to re-zero my riflescope?
 Absolutely. The two-piece design of the Scout Scope Mount allows you to remove your scope from the mount, clean your rifle and re-install your scope without losing zero.  While the scope is removed you can fully disassemble your rifle for cleaning. This includes removing the gas tube and pistons.

Q: Do your mounts require any Drilling or Tapping of the receiver?
No, our scope mounts attach to the rifle without any Drilling or Tapping.
Q: Are your scope mounts well made?
Each Scout Mount is computer milled from a solid block of aluminum for a lifetime of reliable, problem free service. By manufacturing the entire unit our selves, we are able to maintain the strictest quality control.
Q: If I damage my scope while in the field can I use the Mount as a traditional rear sight?
Yes, Mounts two piece design allows the shooter to remove the scope from the mount and use the mount as a traditional rear sight