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  • Extremely accurate 
  • Easily installed 
  • Made in the USA 
  • No drilling or tapping 
  • Decreased eye fatigue 
  • No permanent alterations 
  • Rugged, rock solid design 
  • Functions as a traditional rear sight 
  • Highest quality material and workmanship 
  • Perform complete rifle maintenance without having to re-zero 
  • Patented design

Scout Scope Mounts provide an extremely stable scope base for your SKS, AK, VZ or Saiga rifle. Unlike other mounts, our products will not shift, vibrate loose or change point of impact as the rifle heats up. 

Our mounts are rock solid and easy to install. The two-piece design enables the removal and replacement of your optics without loosing zero. Scout Scope Mounts fit all SKS, AK, VZ, Saiga and Mac90 rifles. 

Scout Scope Mounts easily allow for complete DISASSEMBLY of your rifle for cleaning and maintenance while retaining zero. These rifles are designed so that carbon build-up can easily be cleaned from the gas tube and piston. This is a routine maintenance function needed in order to maintain a properly functioning rifle. Other mounts for SKS, AK and VZ style rifles make this function difficult, time consuming and then require that optics be re-zeroed. 

Take advantage of the benefits of a “scout rifle”, such as rapid target acquisition, large field of view, increased accuracy and the ability to shoot with both eyes open. Clearly stated, Scout Scope Mounts are the best mounts available when you want a scope on your SKS, AK, VZ , Saiga or Mac 90 rifle. 

Our mounts make shooting more fun and exciting because they make you a better shot. Make every shot count. Order a Scout Scope Mount for your SKS, AK, VZ, Saiga or Mac 90 rifle today. You’ll be glad you did!