VZ Mount with 3.5 Inch Rail


  • Improved accuracy - free floating design-scope mount secured to gas block-does not touch receiver, dust cover, gas tube or barrel
  • 2 piece design - the scope mount base stays on the rifle & the scope stays mounted to the picatinny rail to be removed as one piece with no loss of zero
  • CNC machined billet 6061 black anodized aircraft strength aluminum - no casting to crack or fail
  • It is a traditional rear sight when not using optics - takes less than 10 seconds to remove optics
  • No gunsmithing - No drilling or tapping - No permanent alterations

The ScoutScopes.com mounting kit is made by Scout Industries, Inc. in the USA since 2001.  No gunsmithing required, do it yourself installation, and typically less than 30 minutes to be "range ready" (It helps to have a quick clamp or a spare hand when assembling).  Simply remove the factory rear elevation sight, leaving the leaf spring in place, and install the scope mount base in its place; securing it to the gas block, which is the sturdiest element of the rifle.  Buy a 2nd picatinny rail and outfit it with an extended eye relief scope and now your rifle can easily adapt to a different shooting situation with no loss of zero.  No other scope mount system offers this type of flexibility!  The scope base also has an aiming groove milled down the centerline, at the approximate heighth of the factory rear sight, to keep the rifle with "iron sights".  You just need to adjust the factory front sight to get on target.  With the scope base staying on the gas block, the rifle can be completely disassembled and reassembled with no loss of zero.  The highest quality standards and materials are used to give you a lifetime of service and satisfaction.  Your rifle can be returned to its original configuration because no drilling or tapping is required for installation and smooth point set screws are used.  This upgrade makes a good rifle great and hopefully your new "go to rig".  MANUFACTUER'S WARRANTY : This scope mount is covered by a limited lifetime warranty